International 8-Ball Rules in Ultimate Pool

International 8-Ball Rules used in the Ultimate Pool Events will be covered in this article, but before that let’s take a look at how they both came about as a natural progression…

Back in 2018, There was a real buzz in the 8-Ball Pool world. There were exciting tournaments popping up such as the Supreme Series and the Taom Shootout – not to mention the ever growing popularity of the IPA. The streams and commentary teams were becoming more and more professional. Thousands of viewers would tune in all over the UK and the World.

The sport’s growing popularity meant that for the first time in decades the players were able to gain sponsorship due to the game’s popularity.

Then the world came under fire from the Coronavirus Pandemic.

This not only stopped the pool world in it’s tracks. It stopped everything.

Ultimately however, progress cannot be stopped. During the pandemic, the people behind the biggest events in 8-Ball kept on working and evolving behind the scenes. The Supreme Series and Taom Shootout joined forces to create an even more exciting brand of 8-ball Pool known as Ultimate Pool.

8-ball as we know it is played in many countries across the world besides the England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland. Countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Morocco, New Zealand all enjoy the same game that we do here in the UK.

Ultimate Pool Events

The Ultimate Pool Group have worked tirelessly to get the very best of the best players from all over the world involved in the Ultimate Pool Championship. The Prize Money involved far eclipses the amounts on offer at the height of the game’s popularity in the 90’s and early 00’s when it aired on Sky Sports.

They’ve adopted the old Supreme Rules from the successful Supreme Series. However, they have also re-branded the name of these rules which has been changed to International 8-Ball Rules. The International 8-Ball Rules are less forgiving than the pub rules that the average 8-ball pool player is used to. For example, 2 visits following a foul do not exist. Instead you get to position the cueball anywhere on the table as oppose to anywhere in the baulk area.

Blackball International Rules are designed to make the game more attacking, exciting and entertaining. They were created with not only the players, but the viewers and fans of the game in mind.

Extra Exciting Ingredients

In addition to these rules, each Ultimate Pool Event has even more added ingredients to add to the excitement.

These include the:

  • Golden Break – Similar to American 9-ball Pool, a player can win the frame off the break. They must pot the 8-ball from the break and win it outright. This rule was formerly used in the Taom Shootouts.
  • Golden Duck – Undesirably, if the breaking player pockets the 8-ball and cueball they lose the frame outright.
  • 6 Reds Shootout – In the event of a tied match, each player will be faced with a mini-triangle of 6 red balls. They must break and pot all 6 reds in quick succession. Each player is timed on the shot clock. The quickest to clear all 6 reds in one go will win the match and progress to the next round.

As outlined before the combination of the International 8-Ball Rules, the best players from around the world, the high stakes, the shot clock to create rapid playing conditions and the extra pressure – have added drama and excitement to the 8-Ball Pool world.

In our towns and cities, our pubs have closed down left,right and centre. our traditional game did seem in grave danger of being forgotten. However, that is no longer the case as it continues to gain popularity both with increasing numbers of players and spectators.

As post-pandemic normality returns, the 8-ball BUZZ never really went away. 8-Ball is here to stay!

With slick streams, lots of camera angles, professional backdrops, commentary and interviews; The Ultimate Pool Events look destined to compete with the IPA in taking the game to the next level as pool’s full-steam progression train continues full steam ahead.

For more information on international 8-Ball Rules click here.

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