Firstly let’s take a look at what you should expect from our Pool Coaching services. Most of the following 8-Ball sessions are one-to-one. They are a collaboration where we encourage your involvement to unlock your maximum development potential. Delivered in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere we will raise your awareness by giving you the knowledge you need to improve your technique and consistency in all areas of your game.

  • Stance
  • Alignment
  • Bridging
  • Approach
  • Vision
  • Shot Selection
  • Cue Ball Control
  • Positioning
  • Consistency
  • Angles
  • Strategy
  • Self-awareness & Mentality

Nothing has been left out, everything you will ever need to become the best pool player you can be using hundreds of shot routines, single-ball demo’s and practice drills.


  • 8-Ball Game Changing Foundations Session:

This is perfect for players that want a one-off session to improve their game. The 8-Ball Game Changing Foundations Session will give you all of the foundations needed to become a top player. This option is also a top addition to go alongside the online courses as they have been proven to work amazingly side by side. Recommended delivery method for this session is Face-to-Face for best results. Duration 2 hours.

  • Game Changing Weekly 8 Ball Coaching Membership:

This pool coaching option is for the serious pool player. Those that are committed to being the very best player they can be. Casual players will not be considered. Following your 8-Ball Game Changing Foundations Session we will then collaborate once a week which will enable us to arm you with the techniques, tactics and skills needed to raise your game during your personalised session. No stone is left unturned with this exclusive membership and you’ll soon know more about the game of pool than most players who have played the game for over 30 years!

However, knowledge isn’t everything – so we’ll also give you the required skills and confidence to back it up!

Delivered either Face-to-Face or via Live Video Coaching for best results. Duration 1 hour.

For more Information on Live Video Call Coaching Session CLICK HERE.

Limited Spots: Spaces on the Game Changing Weekly 8-Ball Coaching Membership are extremely limited with only 25 players subscribed at any one time. For this reason, you may need added to the waiting list until a spot becomes available.

  • 8 Ball Pool Matchplay Masterclass Session:

Time Flies when you’re having fun and sometimes more is needed! As a result, this pool coaching package is perfect for rapid progression, a one-off match, tournament preparation or if you’re travelling from a further distance. Delivered either Face-to-Face or via Live Video Coaching for best results. Duration: 3 hours.


Places are strictly limited, as a result of this we are only looking to work with great people. The Pool Coach exists to produce top-class Pool Players that are passionate about pool. 

We want you to be the best player you can be but this just isn’t possible without your effort. The Proof is in the pudding and our best results continue to come from the players that consistently show up and put in the effort each week.

We believe attitude is everything and for this reason we only require 2 things of you. Therefore, these 2 things are a great attitude and a love for the game!


If you only really play 8-Ball Pool every now and then… unfortunately, our Coaching services aren’t right for you.

However, if you do fall into this category don’t despair. There is a still a way that we can help you improve. All you need to do is sign up below.

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In order to gauge the suitability of our teachings to suit your needs, it is recommended that you initially start with the Game Changing 8-Ball Foundations Session. This session is the gateway for the more advanced sessions and gives us the opportunity to see if we are a good fit for each another moving forward. This option is also perfect if you’re unsure and want to try us out. 

In addition, parents sometimes use these sessions to see if pool sparks the interest of their kids enough to take up the game as a regular hobby. As a result, we recommend our lessons for children aged 10+. The Pool Coach is DBS Registered.

If you want to join us and become the pool player you’ve always wanted to be then head over to the Book A Session Form and tell us more! ☺


We’ve got your back! The 8Ball Mastery Online Pool Coaching may be just what you’re looking for.

This package is the perfect supplement to help you improve your pool game if you’re tight on time but still want the benefit of coaching to guide you on your journey to 8–ball greatness. Expert tips, our effective pool practice drills, progress tracking, as well as help, support and access to your coach whenever you need anything – helping you to become the winner you want to be. To find out more click here.

Lastly, we pride ourselves on evolving our service to exceed your needs. So, if there’s something we’ve missed or anything you need; Get in touch and we’ll do our best to solve your 8-ball problems 🎱

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One-to-One 8-Ball Pool Coaching – 2023


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