8Ball Pool Coaching Online

You walk into the room armed with your cue case ready for battle. You don’t scan the room to view the competition because you know you’ve arrived. Your presence instantly felt by everyone around, exuding confidence as you hold your head up high as you move smoothly across the floor.

Predators don’t worry about their prey. They just do what comes naturally. Their instinct have been developed and fine-tuned. Fine-tune your instincts. Focus on becoming a pool predator and let your opponents pray that they don’t draw you!

8Ball Pool Coaching Online has been 2 years in the making and now you finally have the opportunity to be the most confident, skilled pool player you can be – all without leaving your local town!

How does the 8Ball Pool Coaching Online Work?

The 8ball Coaching Online is delivered in the Telegram App where you will be given Shots, Drills and Scoresheets delivered every month to practice and track your progress.

What else is included in the Online Pool Coaching?

You will also receive ongoing support and accountability. The support will mean that you will be able to send questions, pictures or videos of any shots or techniques in the drills that you are struggling with so that I can help you overcome your obstacles and continue with your progress. Remember: There are NO stupid questions! The accountability is to make sure you’re putting the required one-hour practice in each week and to help make sure you get the practice routines needed for your current ability. Team work makes the dream work.

Who is the Online Pool Coaching for?

The Online Pool Coaching is for committed players that want to improve their game, be more consistent and most importantly win! The main requirements are to have a great attitude, a passion for pool and at least one hour each week to practice the shots and routines provided inside the online 8-ball coaching course. This is perfect for those of you that can’t get enough of pool and want to raise your game and your winning stats!

How long is the 8-Ball Pool Coaching Mastery Online Course?

Once you are signed up you will have access to the ongoing training and support for a full 6 months from the date you sign up. You will send your scoresheets in weekly so your progress can be tracked. Then in turn, you will receive the practice shots, routines and drills you need to become the player you’ve always wanted to be!

Online Pool Lessons in 8Ball

8-Ball Pool Coaching Online Mastery

6 Months of Coaching, Shots and Drills including "How To" Descriptions and Techniques. Ongoing Help and Support to ensure consistent progress in your pool practice! This coaching will transform you from a player into a winner!


Online Pool Lessons in 8Ball
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