8ball Player Results

Here you can see just a few of the messages and reviews sent in by some of the 8ball pool players from all over the country that THE POOL COACH has helped over the last few years.

Your results matter!

8Ball Pool Results from a One-to-One client

This one is one of my favourites. Not only because of the win but because part of what the game is about is being humble in victory and gracious in defeat. This player has these two attributes in abundance. When he first started his sessions he was turning up for his team’s matches weekly and often getting dropped by his captain. He put in the effort in his game and now not only are his teammates all noticing his newfound confidence and ability, he’s also a starter and a winner for his side. Giant strides achieved due to persistence and commitment.

Pool Results from One-to-One client

In football when a player scores a goal with their left foot, one with their right foot and the last goal with a header it’s known as a “Perfect Hat-Trick”. The example above from a county standard player is probably the 8ball equivalent of a perfect hat-trick!

Pool Results from a One-to-One client.

This player struggled adding the new techniques to his game at first and admittedly went backwards initially before he started getting great results. The 8-Ball Foundations Pool Mastery method changed this player’s game forever. Perseverance pays off!

Online Pool Coaching Feedback

This player jumped straight into the online coaching without asking any questions. He knew what he wanted and he took action! 💥

During our first call he told me that this season his current stats were played 12, won 2. The above message was sent only a few weeks after he joined and then 5 days later he told me he’d just had his 2nd ever 8ball, 2 in a week. The reason this player continues to get such rapid results is because he takes action and makes things happen.

You can have the same results too if you’re willing to follow his lead and do what it takes!

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8Ball Coaching Online Results

This player found something I have found to be quite common. Although he had around 20 years experience as a pool player, there are still often quick adjustments and improvements to be made once you make the decision to become a better player.

Game Changing Weekly 8-Ball Coaching Member

This Player was by no means a beginner when he signed up for the video sessions membership in 2020. With over 30 years experience, he’d had previous coaching from some big names – but was still unhappy with his game.

We stripped back his old game and built-in some new, stronger fundamentals then we started seeing massive results within just a few weeks. A few months later, and he’s playing the best pool of his life!

I hope that the few examples above of some of the results achieved by players just like you, help you on your path to becoming the best player you can be. 🎱

All above results and feedback are taken from messages, emails and online coaching feedback but have been edited for privacy reasons. For transparency, original messages and emails for all examples used are filed as proof should they be required.

Simon Parker
Simon Parker
The pool coach has massively improved my game. I used to have 1 or 2 break and dishes and reverse dishes a year. Since working with Bryan that has gone up to 1 or 2 B&Ds and RDs a month. The drills and advice has given me much better fundamentals and the ability to play the full range of shots properly and accurately. Bryan has also made a big improvement to my mentality when playing. It’s very rare that I have negative thoughts now. It is also no longer the case that I’ve half lost a game against a top player before we even break. That is because of Bryan’s positive feedback and help on that side of the game. If your thinking of taking up this coaching my advice is to go ahead. You will not regret it.
Leigh Bresnahan
Leigh Bresnahan
I went to see The pool coach this afternoon for a Game changing foundation session and was blown away by how informative Bryan was. Nothing was too much of an effort and Bryan was very encouraging. Gave me a lot to think about the way I approach the game and with practicing what I leaned today I feel like I will be a much more competent and composed player. Thanks again for your time this afternoon Bryan, I will certainly be back.
Alex Bailey
Alex Bailey
I can't recommend Bryan enough. I'm doing the online course and after only a few weeks my game has improved dramatically. Drills with clear instructions and purposes, great communication. Very knowledgeable and approachable, you can tell Bryan is passionate about improving his players.
Allan Hall
Allan Hall
There's always room for improvement 😀
Brian Brian
Brian Brian
Bryan is an excellent coach with great knowledge and patience, I would recomend his methods,if I feel I need more advice or coaching in the future I would not hesitate to contact THE POOL COACH Good luck in the future Bryan
Mick Grimley
Mick Grimley
Always looking forward to the next episode of the pool coach, to pick up tips and learn more about the game. Excellent coach with great knowledge, making it a pleasure to try and improve my game. MickG
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