3 Steps to Self-Belief and Confidence

When I was younger my dad often used to say “There’s no such word as CAN’T”!  Whilst there is a positive meaning in there, the expression probably isn’t the strongest usage.  A quote I much prefer is one by the late Henry Ford, Founder of Ford Motors:

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t – you’re right”.

From a genius innovator that revolutionised transport from horses to cars, comes such a simplistic observation that you determine your own reality.  Your own beliefs shape your life and the things that you do.  That is to say, if you think you can’t do something, the place to start change is with your self-limiting beliefs.

Self-belief is the confidence in someone’s own ability or judgement.  Confidence is by far one of the most important ingredients in success.

I’m low on Confidence. What can I can do?

There is ALWAYS something you can do!  Small steps are often the best way to start, and build momentum.  If you’re low on confidence it’s because you haven’t been giving yourself any self-care, possibly for a long time.  To increase your confidence takes time and effort (the same as anything worthwhile). 🏆

‘STEP 1’:

Firstly, find a quiet space for the next 10 minutes with no interruptions and I want you to write down 5 things that you are proud of, 5 achievements from your life so far.  There are no wrong answers here – if it makes you proud, it’s worthy of the list! I’m not going to make this easy for you by listing examples of things you can have, I need you to complete this list by yourself.  The energy used for this challenge will serve as a good starter to pay more attention to yourself moving forward. ➡


‘STEP 2’:

The chances are that the 5 things you listed in STEP 1 were the biggest achievements you could think of, which is perfect.  Subsequently, this time you have another 10 minutes and I want you to list 5 things you are proud of within the past 30 days!  I’m going to help you out slightly now because this is where things get more tricky.  For example, if you suffer from Insomnia and are often late for work… then waking up on time could be a proud achievement.  If you naturally wake up at the same time each day – you can’t list this as a personal achievement.  If you really are struggling to get the 5 required after 10 minutes, this is a clear indication that there is room for improvement.  👍

‘STEP 3’:

The things that you are most proud of are usually the things that you had to work for, the ones where you had obstacles and had to put in lots of effort or even pain to overcome them.   No achievements EVER come without sacrifice, you have to give up something to gain something bigger or better.  If you are missing for example, 2 things from your ‘STEP 2’; I’ll give you 2 days to complete your list.  Go out and do 2 things that will give you some self-satisfaction and pride.

These are just 2 examples (this will work much better if you can think of your own):

  • Go and take a risk by asking someone for help that you’d usually be scared to ask. “What if they say NO?” – If they say no you still won because you weren’t afraid to accept the challenge… Progress!
  • Go find a homeless person – then walk to the nearest shop and buy them a coffee or a sandwich.  Helping others and being considerate is part of being a good human.  Going out of your way to take the 2 minutes to go and buy someone a coffee is more personal and thoughtful than throwing a Pound coin at them.  One of my favourite mantras is “You are a person first, a Pool Player second!”.
How will these STEPS help me gain some Self-Belief?

Self-Belief isn’t instantaneous, it isn’t something you can get delivered on your doorstep tomorrow morning from Amazon Prime. 📦

It’s something that has to be built from the bottom up and then nurtured continuously.  The small wins in your life all add up and are like all the tiny atoms that help structure your Confidence.  If you have nothing to be proud of, you’ll have no reason to be confident.

Don’t do these tasks for me, Do them for yourself (your future self will thank you for it). 👊

Hope this helps, I’d love to hear your thoughts, your achievements and even your struggles to complete these steps.

✍🏼 For all current clients, If you don’t bring the above written down with you – I’ll assume you didn’t put the effort in to doing them! 😉

Until next time I hope this will help to Raise Your Game!

P.S:  If you know someone that is low on confidence and could do with a helping hand, please share this blog with them! ⭐


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