Which Pool Cue Should I Buy?

I regularly get messages from players asking about which pool cue they should buy so this post is to help those of you in the market for a new stick.

When choosing a cue it is worth considering the following:

  • Cue Length: Most cues are around 57-59 inches in length. However, if you’re a lot shorter or taller than average I’d recommend adjusting your choice accordingly. Children’s cues are usually 47″ long. As a rule of thumb to find your ideal cue size; stand up straight and measure the distance from the floor to your shoulder and you won’t go far wrong!
  • Tip size: Most 8-Ball Pool players opt for a tip size of 8.5-9.5mm. I have also known some players use a 7.5mm tip, if you decide to opt for such a small tip be mindful not to impart any unwanted traces of side onto the cue ball.
  • Weight: The most popular cue weights range between 17 and 19 ounces (Oz). As always the choice is best made on what feels the most comfortable for you. However, if you’re planning on using your cue for snooker as well as pool I’d recommend choosing a cue no lighter than 17.6 Oz given that snooker balls are both larger and heavier.
  • Types of Timber: The most popular shafts are made from either Ash or Maple. Ash is identifiable due to the visible grains that some players use loosely as visual aids during their play. Maple is much lighter in appearance, some people prefer this aesthetic. As with everything it comes down to personal preference.

If you’re looking to raise your game my top recommendation would be to visit an expert, try out some of their finest creations and see how the cue feels before you purchase. The cue should feel smooth and comfortable as it will essentially be an extension of your body when you play with it.

Look for a transparent craftsman that makes cues for a living, not someone who does it as a hobby. Yes, you can order a cheap cue online that may cost less but it won’t feel authentic and it won’t play the same – added to the fact that it won’t hold it’s value. Opting for a genuine handmade cue instead of a poor quality machine replica will be a better investment in the long run.

For those of you interested –

  • My current cue has an Ash shaft with Ebony Butt.
  • 58″ Long
  • 8.5mm Tip
  • 17.8 Oz in Weight.

If you’re still struggling with making a decision, get in touch and I’ll try and help you further. If you’ve made your purchase and want to ensure the longevity of your cue last a lifetime – See the post on Cue Care.

Hope that helps,


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