Consistent 8Ball Pool: Stop Missing Easy Shots

Consistent 8Ball is the number 1 aim for all Pool Players. Every pool player that is looking to upgrade and raise their games are, without exception always looking to improve one area – consistency!

Lack of consistency is the biggest downfall for pool players of all levels.

When players talk of consistency or inconsistency, what they are usually referring to is their outcomes and results. Whether they see themselves as playing goodly or badly!

What is often overlooked is the things that result in the outcomes. How can you expect consistent results when the processes in the build up are inconsistent. Everything has to be in alignment. 

This is why I teach all of my clients to approach each shot in exactly the same way. As a result, there is consistency in their approach, consistency in their techniques and ultimately consistency in their play and then their results.

Your Pool Match Scenario:

It’s your visit at the table and you’re faced with a tricky shot. The cue ball is tight up against the cushion and you know you will need precise, straight cueing to deliver the perfect shot. You are also aware that should you miss the shot – you’ll almost certainly lose the frame. With this in mind, you take your time, you carefully consider the line of the shot and your bridge position. You approach the shot in a calculated manner and focus 100% on the perfect delivery. You play the shot with perfection as planned and then you have an easy shot awaiting you on the 8-ball for the finish.  

The hard work has been done and this 8-ball shot is so simple it’s unmissable. So you walk around the table and approach the shot from the side before getting straight down on the shot for the win. Then, somehow, you miss it!

You’re in shock.

“How the (insert expletive) have I missed that?”

Here’s why you missed the shot and lost the frame:

“Mistakes are always made when people get to the easy places.”

R. Greene

You weren’t consistent in your play and the results were exactly what you deserved. Inconsistent play, inconsistent outcome.

Admittedly, there are shots that need slightly more focus and attention than a regular shot – but to take shots for granted and not give them the full focus they deserve can lead to undesirable results.

How to Achieve Consistent 8Ball Pool:

If you are looking for more consistent 8ball play then by now, you should know what you have to do. Get Consistent!

  • Be consistent in your effort.
  • Be consistent in showing up after a defeat.
  • Be consistent in your mentality.
  • Be consistent showing up for pool practice.
  • Be consistent in your pool practice.
  • Be consistent in your pool game preparation.
  • Be consistent in your shot approach.
  • Be consistent in your cue action technique.
  • Be consistent in your shot delivery.
  • Be consistent in your desire and will to win!

If this list is too long and sounds like too much effort and hard work – then perhaps consistency 8ball just isn’t for you.

Average Effort, Average Results.

Here’s the truth. There are no shortcuts for winners.

If you want to see more consistency in your pool game then you need to start being consistent. Only then will you see the fruits of your labour and the wins you want. There are so many examples of player’s being inconsistent that this blog could go on forever.

  • Only playing against easier opponents and then ducking out (not showing up) against the better pool teams/players.
  • Not always showing up for practice.
  • Taking a week or two off after a frustrating pool performance.
  • Blaming outside influences for your misses and losses.

You either want to be the best, most consistent 8ball pool player you can be – or you don’t. It’s your choice and whatever you choose is great. If you need any further help, reach out and send a message.

Hope this helps you Raise Your Game.


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