Improve Your Pool Vision

In this Post I’m going to help you find your dominant eye to make sure your eyesight isn’t hampering your Pool Vision. So let’s begin:

Are you Left-handed or Right-handed?

I’m sure you just answered this instantly in your head (or shouted it out loud if you’re a little eccentric). The answer is naturally determined and likely always been the same since childhood. Most people on the planet would find this a really easy question to answer. Now let’s try another one…

Are you Left-eyed or Right-eyed?

Just as we all have a stronger left or right hand, we each have a stronger, more dominant left or right eye. Your dominant eye (also known as ocular dominance) is the one that your brain prefers to use to process visual input. This is important data to have about ourselves when we are relying on our vision to complete many tasks and activities effectively. If you don’t know the answer to this one, read on and I’ll help you find out.

How does a Dominant Eye impact My Pool Game?

As we all know, two of the most defining factors about a player’s cuesport prowess are Vision and Alignment. These 2 ingredients are the foundation from which every player builds their skills upon. Your dominant-eye can impact both of them!

When you’re on the wrong line then you won’t pot the ball or make the safety shot, unless you get lucky and have a fluke. We’d feel better about winning skilfully right? 😉

When you watch an opponent or teammate play a shot, you will usually be able to see their dominant eye. It will be the one over the top of the cue when they are cueing a ball.

During my coaching sessions, the cue serves not one, but 2 purposes.

  1. Firstly, the cue forms a vital part of the shot alignment process.
  2. Secondly, the one that most (hopefully all) players use it for – to strike the cue ball.

So, if the cue forms the line, what happens if during the shot delivery, your dominant eye is NOT over the cue?

What happens is that you’re not using your best vision to play your shots! That would be like a right-handed Athlete at the Olympics… throwing the Shot Put with his left-hand! It wouldn’t happen.

You have to give yourself every chance to play your best game and this one simple tip could be a real game changer.

Finding My Dominant Eye?

  • First, place your hands out in front of you with your palms facing forward
  • Then make a small triangle shape (approx in the centre of both hands by overlapping your thumbs and three middle fingers like this:
Find your Dominant Eye
Find your Domi-Eye
  • Next, find an object in the distance that you can view by placing in in the centre of the triangle. I use the clock hanging on the wall (pictured) to test my clients.
  • Finally, close either eye.

The Results:

  1. If, when you close one eye the object disappears from view. The closed eye is your domi-eye.
  2. If, when you close one eye the object stays in the centre of your triangle – the open eye is your domi-eye.

Now you have discovered the eye that your brain prefers to use visually it’s time to test it on your cue action. Ask a friend or team mate to watch you cue. They can tell you which eye you appear to be using the most (the eye over the top of your cue during the shot). If you’re cueing with the wrong eye — you know what you need to work on!

Let me know which eye is your Domi-eye.
I hope this helps you to Raise your Game.

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