Why Choose a Coach or Mentor?

When looking at choosing a coach or mentor there are many questions about selection. This will help you make a great choice and ultimately reach your targets and goals.

We all know that the best in the business seek guidance from coaches and mentors.  All The Top Sports Stars, Celebrities, Politicians and Business People don’t go it alone.  David Beckham had a Media Coach to perfect his speech and interview technique.  Leonardo DiCaprio has a life coach in Tony Robbins, as does former President Bill Clinton.  Oprah Winfrey attributes a portion of her success to her mentor Martha Beck.  Richard Williams avidly studies the game of Tennis. Much to the benefit of his daughters Serena and Venus Williams who continue to create a Tennis family legacy with their ongoing successes.  Cristiano Ronaldo is another superstar that often credits Sir Alex Ferguson’s Influence on his career. ⭐

Choosing a coach or mentor can often feel like a daunting task.  It’s so important to find the right one. As someone who has had and continues to have various mentors I feel aptly qualified to guide you through the process to help you to make a more informed decision.

Which Coach should I Choose?

When choosing to hire a coach of any kind these are some of the most important qualities to look for: 

  • ✔Knowledge and Experience – This one should really go without saying but you want your mentor to know what they’re talking about and have actually been through the steps that they are teaching you.  It will also be much easier for them to relay information and guide you through the steps if they have been in your shoes themselves.  If you appear to know more than them already – AVOID!
  • ✔They’ve made mistakes – This may seem like an odd thing to look for in a mentor but often the best lessons learned come through mistakes and failure.  Admission of these mistakes also gives you the knowledge that your tutor is honest.
  • ✔Rapport – It’s so important to choose a coach who is friendly and personable, someone you get on well with and feel easy around.  If you don’t get a good feeling about someone then continue your search.  The best results always come through collaboration and harmony.  Rapport works both ways, if you feel uneasy during your sessions then you won’t be able to concentrate and operate at your full capacity. This will certainly hamper your progress.
  • ✔Imperfection – This ties in with making mistakes but you also need to know that you’re choosing a coach that doesn’t believe they’re perfect. You want them to practice what they preach and always strive to improve themselves and their abilities.  The best coaches are the ones that are constantly developing and learning new skills to pass on to their clients.  If you come across one who believes they already know it all, in such a fast-paced, ever changing world – AVOID!
  • ✔Accountability –  When choosing a coach you need to know that your mentor will hold you accountable.  If they ask you to work on a specific area or complete a certain task will they check up on your progress?  If you know that someone is going to check if you’ve completed something you’re much more likely to succeed instead of just not bothering.  The classic everyday example of this is the “Diet starts tomorrow” phrase.  Usually Tomorrow comes and then it’s “Diet starts tomorrow” again.  It’s often too easy to let yourself off the hook.
  • Unrealistic Promises – I’ve been on courses where I’ve been given guarantees that haven’t come to fruition.  As with anything it’s important to be realistic with your short term goals.  It’s important to manage your expectations, the old adage that springs to mind here is “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!”.  Another one for you “Rome wasn’t built in a day!”.  
  • ✔Authenticity. You should choose a coach that genuinely wants to help you to improve, progress and be the best you can be.  If they are constantly bragging and showing off through their words or actions – AVOID!  

This post came about due to the high volume of personal trainers around at present.  In the gym I often see some of these PT’s in action working one-to-one with their clients.  Invariably they get their clients using the same machines, over the same routines and the same number of reps.  Although I don’t doubt that these trainers have educated themselves and gained a paper qualification – I know they wouldn’t be a good fit for me.  I would want a strong, determined, motivator who would push me over the line on the final rep. When the lactic acid build up is making my muscles scream. 😣 Let’s go back over the list for how to choose a coach…

A Checklist of a Potential Coach’s Attributes:

  • Accountability  –is lacking as the aforementioned PT’s are very passive. Although I may do 10 reps on a machine as they stand there watching – they’re not really pushing my limits to help me achieve growth. 
  • Rapport – Although I don’t doubt I could find some common ground with these PT’s,  I would demand more from myself than they would of me – I would expect the opposite of a good coach.  If I can push my boundaries more by myself then the need for a coach becomes somewhat redundant.  
  • Knowledge and Experience – I could be lambasted for this one!  I have been training for over a decade and have consumed lots of content from the greats.  As a result, I know that Ronnie Coleman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Platz and co all champion the most important exercises. The old-school compound movements using a barbell instead of a machine.  The most effective exercises are generally regarded as the squat, deadlift and bench press.  Much of the Personal Training I witness is very passive, going through the motions on the machines.  With this in mind, the qualifications attained by many of these PT’s aren’t fit for purpose.** Either that, or they are not being practised properly. 

**Disclaimer: That being said, I am also fortunate enough to have a few good friends who are exceptional Personal trainers who I have had the pleasure of being coached by. So, there are also plenty of very knowledgeable PT’s who know their stuff. They practice the very best methods in Exercise, Diet and Nutrition. These are the ones that get the best from their clients.   

When choosing a coach you must always trust your gut. 

If you get bad vibes from a potential mentor then I’d always recommend you continue your search to find another. It wouldn’t be beneficial for either party to start off from a weak foundation to build from.  Do your research and always ask any questions you have via an Email, Social Media or Phone Call.  If you don’t get a response to your queries then you have your answer!😊

Top Tip to always remember: A good coach wants to aid his clients on their journey and help them succeed!

If you’re looking to Raise Your Game in any area of your life, Get a Coach.  Your future self will thank you for it. 👍


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