Pool Lessons – The 8-Ball Underground

Most of you prefer your Pool Lessons to be private instead of plastered all over social media.

  1. The first rule of Pool Coach is: You do not talk about Pool Coach.
  2. The second rule of Pool Coach is: You do not talk about Pool Coach.
  3. The third rule of Fight Club, I mean Pool Coach is: that rules one and two are your choice!

I started coaching 8 ball pool players back in 2017. I quickly realised that the majority of my clients wanted to keep their visits hush hush. 

As a result, the operation had turned into an underground club.

Underground clubs in the early 1900’s were primarily formed by Italian American Gangsters as a vehicle to conduct their unregulated businesses by way of Prostitution, Alcohol, Drugs and Gambling. I can assure you all that none of these take place on my premises!

In the event that you’re disappointed with this revelation, I’m willing to offer you the opportunity to bring your own Alcoholic Beverage and I’ll bet you £5 that you can’t pull off my *challenge blackball shot at the first attempt! Dress code isn’t strict either. So, if you wish to get into character by dressing like one of the Peaky Blinders – be my guest!

That just leaves Drugs and Prostitution of which I’m no expert. I do however, hear that the scenery in Amsterdam is breath-taking at this time of year. Consequently, if you do decide to visit Amsterdam, don’t go too crazy on the chocolate muffins, they’re not like the ones you get from Asda.

Flying Under the Radar

Anyway, let’s get back on track. The Underground Culture. You Pool Players all have your own individual reasons for wanting keep your anonymity.

These reasons include:

  • First of all you don’t want the stick from your teammates. Pool leagues are some of the best social circles to be apart of but we all know pool players that can be relentless when it comes to banter. Note: Most of these players will mock you to try and stop you from improving your game so that you don’t overtake them.
  • Your aim is to surprise opponents with your new and improved skills.
  • You want to keep it quiet from your wife or significant other.
  • You don’t want to put extra pressure on your shoulders on game night.

From a personal point of view, I respect each and every one of my client’s wishes and I 100% guarantee confidentiality to all of my past, present and future customers. The main purpose of this post is to help make you feel more at ease about reaching out to improve your game if this is the barrier that is holding you back and stopping your progression.

For those of you that choose to follow the first and second rules of Pool Coach brings a dilemma for the players not working on their games. Those not increasing their awareness and skills will get caught AND then, left behind… without even knowing what happened!

“Did I get worse or did everyone else get better?”

The Stagnant Pool Player.

8 Ball Pool Lessons

Week in, week out I see the results of my coaching in action. Players that the “top” players take for granted are improving their techniques, gaining confidence and developing their mental strengths behind closed doors. These players are causing shocks and upsets!

These wins are only upsets to those that lack awareness, not to those in the know. These victories may even surprise the players themselves at first, but before long they become accustomed to defeating these previously “unbeatable” opponents – until winning becomes a habit.

Which of YOUR opponents are improving their Pool?

(Insert Name Here) seems to be playing much better and winning more games this year.”

Pool Players throughout the UK.

You can’t control what others are doing so this isn’t something you should be focussing on. All you can do is look after and be responsible for your own game – in the game of Pool and the game we all call Life. As mentioned previously Growth doesn’t come from being in your comfort zone. So if you’re still nervous or fearful – Break Your Boundaries, FEEL THE FEAR and DO IT ANYWAY!

Don’t be scared to jump in at the deep end because once you begin seeing the results, you’ll regret not starting sooner.

Will you choose to join the Underground of Pool Coaching?

Many players that need help with their games will never pull the trigger. They’ll put it off until next week, or next year. Don’t fall into the same trap. Stand up and be counted.

Since the launch of video 8 ball pool lessons during the start of lockdown back in March 2020 the pool coaching has never been easier or more accessible.

Spaces are limited so to find out if you qualify for pool lessons just complete the Book A Session Form, it takes about 90 seconds!


*Disclaimer: I’ll reveal the challenge shot at the time to avoid you perfecting it beforehand. 🎱

P.S. Most the pool players I coach always want to keep their coaching secret when they first start. Yet a few months later they become much more at ease about telling others that they get coaching. This is usually because once they start seeing the improvements in their game they are proud of their efforts and how they achieved it.

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