This is the only place to test your 8-Ball Pool Brain. Will you rise to the Challenge or will you be a Flop?

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The 8-Ball Pool Player's Quiz

Test your Pool Brain with this 8-Ball Player's Quiz.  You will need a 75% Pass rate to make the Grade.

Which of these is NOT a rule in Blackball?
If you play 4 shots of the same pace, into a cushion, at the same angle – which shot would travel the longest distance?
Which of the the following is NOT an illegal shot? (Tick All That Apply)
The Americans call it a Masse Shot, But which ONE is it?
Which type of cue spec would make a deep screw shot easier to play without losing accuracy?
Using Ratios, What Surface Area of the table is known as Baulk?
Complete the following sentence: Pool Patterns are…
The Red in the centre is blocking the Pathway… Where would you Strike the Cueball to Pot the Yellow Ball into the Top Left Corner?
In the acronym WEPF, what does the “E” stand for?
When is Cheating the Pocket most likely to be used?
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The 8-Ball Pool Player's Quiz
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